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We started with four forward-thinking professional artists, writers, editors, designers, photographers, performers and managers with a philanthropic view to changing the world. In four months, we have grown to 50+ volunteers, from nine countries. We have decades of publishing, marketing and PR experience as well as a genuine desire to improve the world and the lives of its citizens. We admire the creative genius in each other and our success is tied to our individual and shared purposes.

bUneke Magazine is an educational tool of P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E. Inc., a non-profit organization created to teach readers about the many amazing people and charities in our world. Many companies that are not charities, have a philanthropic aspect and believe in the value of giving back, paying forward and doing the right things while conducting business. bUneke Magazine shines a spotlight on those companies, individuals or initiatives so readers can explore options for their own giving. Every donation can be a tax-deductible contribution! Win-Win!

Each month bUneke Magazine delivers a, relatable, easy to understand, insightful, motivational publication packed with engaging content for all ages! We are living our dream offering bUneke Magazine, at no cost, to anyone, anywhere. If U don't have access to a digital device, please contact us. Especially if U are interested in bettering yourself and being a positive change for our world, we want to hear from U! Why not show off all the good that's happening in the world? When you need a pick-me-up, we are here, 24/7, and at no-cost to U, our fellow bUnekers!

It is our goal to also offer no-cost training opportunities and scholarships to help others live their dreams! Check back often for the exciting details on these amazing programs! U don't want to miss a single update!

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We love our sponsors and advertisers! This is a very simple process. bUneke Magazine has options for every budget and every need.  Align your brand with one of the fastest growing interactive digital magazines to have direct links to your customized contact info, What are U waiting for? U can't go wrong with bUneke Magazine! Download a current rate card (below) and  Contact us today to discuss your needs. It's that simple.

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Looking for a great way to showcase your products or services? Become a part of the story! Everyone is intrigued with those who care about someone or something​ greater than themselves​. When U sponsor a story, U show your support, and we give U or your company  a direct link to a site of your choice. 

This is a very inexpensive way to go for maximum exposure! 

Contact us today for a list of upcoming topics to find the one that connects with U. Or let us choose an amazing subject for U!

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Have a great idea? Maybe U are an expert! Do U know something that can inspire others to be their authentic selves? Know of someone, a company or organization who needs a shout out for the good they do? Do U take fantastic photos and want a place to show them off? Are U a writer, editor, illustrator? Contact us today so we can discuss how we can benefit each other!

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Do U have sales skills or a willingness to learn? We need U! U can work from your home computer. We can show U how. Training can be done live or with a virtual training session. Contact us today by sending a resume and cover letter explaining why U would like to work for bUneke. 

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Volunteers hold a special place in our hearts. bUneke offers volunteer opportunities to bring together a wide range of individuals with knowledge in multiple disciplines related to promoting a healthy lifestyle, protect the environment and showcasing amazing people doing amazing things. If U agree to our mission to inspire, encourage and live an authentic life, then we are eager to meet U!  bUneke relies on volunteer leadership and support for its programs, events, products, and publications. 

Contact us to volunteer today!

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Are U looking for an fantastic, progressive outlet for your article and stories? We are looking for U! Contact us today for our writers' guidelines and send us a sample of your work. Even if U are an unpublished writer, we would love to work with U as well. We all have to start somewhere, why not with an exciting platform like bUneke Magazine? We have mentors standing by to help U excel.


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