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Support our  mission of global education for solutions to today’s concerns. bUneke Magazine (be unique) is a 501c3 educational  charity! All contributions make an impact.  Thank U for your support. 

With more than 80 volunteers from 15 countries within the first three months, and continually growing, this organization has caught the world by storm. 

Your time is as precious a gift as any donation. We appreciate all our volunteers and all our donors!

Consider volunteering today!

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We are grateful for your tax-deductible gift. Facebook does not collect fees.  100% of the proceeds go to this charity.

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Patreon is a way to join this community and bUneke volunteers for making the stuff you love. Instead of literally throwing money at your screen (trust us, that doesn’t work), you can now pay a couple bucks per month.  For example, if you pay $1 per video or magazine, and we release 3 videos in February, then your card gets charged a total of $3 that month. This means the creator gets paid regularly (every time we releases something new), and you become a bonafide, real-life patron of the arts.  That’s right--Imagine you, in a long frilly white wig, painted on a 10-foot canvas on the wall of a Victorian mansion.  And imagine your favorite creators making a living doing what they do best… because of you.

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Cash Sponsors

Andrea Cameseca  

Anne-Marie  Derouault    

Barbara Brotherton      

Barbara Callahan - Repeat donor      

Barbara Marino - Repeat donor 

Belinda Young      

Cami Miller    

Chantel Eubanks     

Danielle Dilks - Repeat Donor   

Davide DiGiorgio 

Deborah Weinsten      

Dominick  Borgia    

Elisa Kehler  

Emily  Richards Murphy   

Gail Peterson - Repeat Donor   

Garrett   East    

Gloria Snow     

Gretchen Danson       

Heather Catalena      

Jane  Lyons

Jennie  Wynn      

Jennifer East - Repeat donor    

Jessica Roszko  - Repeat donor

Jill Navarro Smith       

Joanne Young      

John J. White - Repeat donor      

Katie Borders      

Lauren  Danielle    

Latonya Rogers  

Linda Humphrey - Repeat donor      

Lori Warren Williams    

Lynn Dilks - Repeat donor         

Mariah Smith    

Martha Watts  - Repeat donor   

Mary A. Krause     

Mary Brotherton - Repeat donor  

Mary Ellen Popyk - Repeat donor * STAR Supporter!

Matthew Kinnison * Our STAR & biggest non-founding donor!       

Megan Gravelle - Repeat donor

Michael Spooner

Michelle Schaefer - Repeat Donor 

Pam Hendricks    

Patti Barr  

Rebecca Flowers  - Repeat donor 

Renee Keene      


Robert Ford

Ryan Hickman     

Sally Thimm    

Sandra Filer  

Sharon Black - Repeat donor      

Shauna  Kosoris      

Sherley Monroig      

Suzanne Tuffs Bradley      

Tahera Rene Christy      

Terri Hill  (Repeat Donor)     

Timothy Foxx - Repeat donor      

Veronica  Stephens       

Wendy Ess     

b The Change Donations 2019

Thanks to these generous in kind donors for the amazing gift baskets to our winners of b The Change:

Please, be sure to take a moment to thank them.

bUneke Magazine

La Bella Spa

Coffee or Tea Show



Artist Pearl Ollie 

Artworks Orlando 

Styles on Wheels

Christina Cooks

Jersey Mikes 


Solar Car Wash

That’s Sew McFly

Just Because Boutique

Tropical Café Smoothie

Baboo Life

Your Crystal Shop

Truly Eco Friendly


Skees Family Foundation

Yvonne Mason, Author

Ryan’s Recycling

Chico Bag

Spiritual Services with Laura Beers

Sherman Studios

Author and speaker, Davide Di Giorgio

JMack Imagery

Just Cupcakin’ Around

Grove Collaborative

Erf Warriors Productions

Lucy’s Kingdom FILM

Garrett East

Lynn Kinnison

Raffle Items (not in basket): 

Lux Platinum Travel, LLC 

Floral Affair 

Jennifer East

Mary Brotherton

Fundraiser Shirt & Bracelet Buyers

Lauren Danielle - both

Cameron Bell-Frakes

Sherley Ann Monroig - both

Issa Peters

Veronica Stephens

Timothy Foxx

Luis Alonso

Cory Dorman

Rokki James 

Cami Miller

Scott Berner

Jennifer, Anna, Robert E. - both 

Gretchen Danson

Renee Keene

Trudi Dido 

Debra R Rheaume

Anna Convery 

Lynn, Matthew Kinnison - both  

Audrey Dilks

Michelle Schaefer 

Wanda Luthman 

Jane Hammonds 


Megan Gravelle 

Victoria Chetta

Mary McCollum 

Mary, Curtis Brotherton - both

Zakary Frakes

Anita Silwal

Chantel Eubanks - both

Heather Catalina

Tahera Christy

Zoom Sponsor

Mary Ellen Popyk

Professional Microphone Sponsors

Joey Butler

Linda S. Humphrey

Lynn Dilks

Mary Brotherton

Mary Krause

Gail Peterson

Sheri Bergeron Sather

Jessica Roszko

Hanit Benbassat

Speaking Sponsors

Space Coast Writers' Guild

Sierra Club of Orlando

In Kind Donations

Amazon Watch

Birgit Frohna

Bob East

Brawner House Museum

Curtis Brotherton

Fashion Square Mall

Fred Brinson Studios

Truly Eco Friendly

Quetzal Maucci

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Birthday Girl: Megan Gravelle

Birthday Girl: Lynn Kinnison

Birthday Girl: Jennifer East

Birthday Girl: Mary Brotherton


Birthday Donors

Meagan Solski

Ty Poulson

Steph Phillips

Lori Shepler


Aaron Barnhill

Jazmine McKinney

Terri Hill X 2

Linda Surlak

Danielle Dilks

Garrett East

Austin East

Tahera Rene Christy

Francine Heilman Danson

Matthew Kinnison

Megan Gravelle

Barbara Marino

Patti Barr

John White

Your donations mean the world to us!

Thanks to everyone who has donated a minute of time or a single penny. 

Really BIG thanks to everyone who has donated hours and dollars!

We appreciate U! 

Wish list


 $5 pays for one month's email service for our president.


$10 pays for our president & vice president's email service for one month.


$30, the price of dinner out,  buys our team business cards printed on sustainable paper.


$50 provides two months' payment to two distribution sites for the magazines, so more can read for free!


$100 covers the cost of the average booth space at events where we find the best stories.


$200 prints 100 copies of the publication, but not on sustainable paper.


$250 pays for the permit that allows us to use bulk mail services and save money. Postage is extra.


$250 purchases our own indicia so we don’t have to pay another service to mail for us.


bUneke Magazine is a 100% volunteer-run educational, charity organization. Your donations help us continue providing high quality content and print earth-friendly copies for classrooms, campuses, and 

distribution worldwide.

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Your donations mean the world to us!

Thank U to everyone who has donated even a minute of time or a single penny. 

We appreciate U! 

Who are we

We are Philanthropists, Educators, Activists, Compassionate Humans, Environmentalists, Charitable, Optimistic, Responsible and Enthusiastic.  

If U want to learn more about others who are changing this world with positivity,  click to read a copy (or request print). Your copy is always free! We are ready to show U how to become a change-maker too!  

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