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bUneke (be unique) is an amazing 501c3 Charity! Your contribution, no matter its size, makes an impact. Every dollar helps. Thank U for your support. 

With more than 50 volunteers from 11 countries within the first three months, this organization has caught the world by storm. There are many ways to give. Your time is a precious gift. Consider volunteering today!

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Please DONATE through Facebook. Button below! Your contribution impacts many people world-wide! Whether you donate $5 or $500, thank you for your support. We are very grateful for your tax-deductible gift. Facebook does not collect fees. This month it is Mary's Birthday Fundraiser! 100% of the proceeds go to this charity.


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We want to thank U and let you know how much we appreciate U.

Wish list


No amount too small $5 adds up quickly, we appreciate it more than you know!


For the price of two coffees $10 pays for two months of email service


For the price of dinner out $30 buys our team business cards printed on sustainable paper


Continued free issues for all $50 will provide two months' payment to two distribution sites for the magazines, so more can read for free!


Spread the love. $100 will provide the cost of the average booth space at events where we find the best stories


Getting printed copies to those without internet $175 pays for 100 copies of the publication, (but not on sustainable paper)


Postage and handling $250 pays for the permit that allows us to use bulk mail services and save money


A HUGE help $250 would pay for the indicia so we don’t have to pay another service to mail for us


Our wish to print responsibly $500 would provide 300 printed copies of our publication conscientiously on recycled paper

Thank U for supporting us

Cash Sponsors

Matthew Kinnison * Our STAR & biggest donor! 

Gretchen Danson 

Andrea Cameseca

Barbara Brotherton

Barbara Callahan

Barbara Marino

Danielle Dilks

Jane’s Alterations 

Joanne Young

Belinda Young

Sharon Black

Terri Hill

Timothy Foxx

Veronica Stephens 

John J. White

Katie Borders

Linda Humphrey

Rebecca Flowers

Renee Keene


Ryan Hickman

Mariah Smith

Jennifer East

Lynn Kinnison

Mary Brotherton

Heather Catalena

Lauren Danielle

Tahera Rene Christy

Pam Hendricks

Lori Warren Williams

Wendy Ess

Jennie Wynn

Mary A. Krause

Sherley Monroig

Suzanne Tuffs Bradley

Cami Miller

Dominick Borgia

Garrett East

Emily Richards Murphy

Sally Thimm

Shauna Kosoris

Michelle Schaefer

Deborah Weinsten

Birthday Fundraisers

Thank U for running Facebook Birthday Fundraisers! 100% of the proceeds go to this charity!

Birthday Girl: Megan Gravelle

Birthday Girl: Lynn Kinnison

Birthday Girl: Jennifer East


Birthday Donors

Meagan Solski

Ty Poulson

Steph Phillips

Lori Shepler


Aaron Barnhill

Jazmine McKinney

Terri Hill

Linda Surlak

Danielle Dilks

Garrett East

Austin East

Tahera Rene Christy

Francine Heilman Danson

Matthew Kinnison

Fundraiser Shirt Buyers

Lauren Danielle

Cameron Bell-Frakes

Sherley Ann Monroig

Issa Peters

Veronica Stephens

Timothy Foxx

Luis Alonso

Cory Dorman

Rokki James 

Cami Miller

Scott Berner

Jennifer, Anna, Robert E.

Gretchen Danson

Renee Keene

Trudi Dido 

Debra R Rheaume

Anna Convery 

Lynn, Matthew Kinnison & Audrey Dilks

Michelle Schaefer 

Wanda Luthman 

Jane Hammonds 


Megan Gravelle 

Victoria Chetta

Mary McCollum 

Mary, Curtis Brotherton 

Zakary Frakes

In Kind Donations

Amazon Watch

Birgit Frohna

Brawner House Museum

Quetzal Maucci

Fashion Square Mall

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Thank U to everyone who has donated even a minute of time or a single penny. 

We appreciate U!