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Coffee or Tea? Show

bUneke Magazine presents: Coffee or Tea? *No Phones Allowed! An exciting, fun new show that explores and discusses everyday topics faced today by every generation, from a millennial point-of-view. Insightful, inspirational and real. Get in on the discussion! What topic(s) do YOU want to discuss? Let us know!  Subscribe so you don't miss an episode! Click here for more more episodes!


Happy International Coffee Day!☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

Just a quick pick-me-up from the cast and crew of Coffee or Tea? Show. A fun, new show from a millennial's POV! So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a wonderful day with friends... but get ready, gang, we've only just begun! Thanks for joining us! 

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Music: Cold Funk - Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod 

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BUneke interviews

Learn more about the amazing things EcoJoia is doing to help many nonprofit organizations with fundraising and awareness efforts. Many thanks to Carrie and Tim for their time explaining why they do what they do! Please visit and support EcoJoia and the many organizations they help at and keep reading at!

bUneke Magazine and our very own ambassador, Jennie, met up with the awesome on-air personality, Joe Rock, from 98.9 WMMO Orlando.  

Thank U Joe Rock, Jennie and 98.9 WMMO Orlando!


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@989wmmo, @JoeRockwmmo and @JoeRock to follow Joe on social media and to enjoy his great show, Rock on Rock.

Get in on the action! Great video! Meet bUneke's ambassador, Issa Peters, as she interviews some of the Lady Suns players and the coaches of the newly formed woman's basketball team at Johnson University!

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Spirit Fest 2018

bUneke Magazine attended the Spirit Fest 2018 in Celebration, Florida. bUneke ambassador, Cory (Cory Speaks Video Series), was on the road with several video interviews. Watch and meet Mary Ellen Popyk, owner and coordinator of Spirit Fest 2018, Keith Anthony Blanchard, spiritual teacher, author and musician and Emily Murphy, transformative healer and artist. This two-day event was an exciting weekend of spiritual awareness and fun! Visit for information on the upcoming event. 


Its A Wrap

bUneke Magazine attended the Eatonville Chamber of Commerce / Kinect NRG After Hours Event in Eatonville, Florida and met some wonderful women who wanted to learn how to do authentic African head wraps. See photo collection on Facebook. Photos here. Check out dates for the next event:

Give Peace A Chance

bUneke Magazine attended the 2nd annual Solutionary Peace Walk & Festival (nonprofit org) this summer in Orlando, Florida and met some wonderful folks who are really making a difference. Video here. Check out dates for the next event:

Space Coast Book Lovers

bUneke Magazine held its soft launch at #SCBL2018. All the #authors and #readers at the Space Coast Book Lovers event were phenomenally welcoming and friendly. We couldn't have done it without the generous gift from Author Yvonne Mason! #AuthorYvonneMason #YouRockLady! We hope our awesome winners from the daily drawings enjoy their Uneke gifts! Hope to see U all next event!

Billy Gibbons Concert

bUneke Ambassadors were invited by Joe Rock (WMMO 98.9 Classic Hits Radio) to attend the legendary Billy F. Gibbons concert at the @housebluesotown It was an amazing show! 💥💥 Billy and his band were on 🔥 fire!
Many thanks to Joe and his team at 98.9 WMMO!
Be sure to check back to view a follow up video (YouTube @bunekemagazine )

Be the Change Event

Honoring volunteer. Details coming soon!

Media & vlogs

What is the Story of Stuff?

The Story of Stuff Project started in 2007 and has grown into a movement working to shift the way we make, use and throw away Stuff. We have a problem with stuff: we have too much of it, too much of it is toxic and we don’t share it very well. But that’s not the way things have to be. Read OUR STORY learn more about this amazing community and to view all their awesome films.

What makes U Uneke?

Join our bUneke ambassadors as they ask others to share what makes them Uneke! Thank you bUneke ambassador, Sherley for representing bUneke Magazine at 2018 Orlando Megacon!

bUneke ambassador, Lauren asked the entire Allfred family what makes them Uneke, at Fiesta in the Park, Lake Eola, in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Their answers are wonderful! Check it out for yourself. Thank you all for being so awesome!

Published Author Wanda Luthman

bUneke contributor and children's author, Wanda Luthman talks about how she discovered a way to use her talents as a writer to help others. Read her debut article in July's issue (page 26) of bUneke Magazine and check out her blog about her discovery.

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All Things Eco

Hi there! Welcome to my channel.  I'll be telling you about who, what, and why I do what I do. 🌱  Thanks for watching!