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Issue 14 is now Audible!


Listen to Issue 14 on the go! Just click, sit back and hear the voices of bUneke! There is something for everyone in this issue! If you prefer to read the stories Click Here!



In the world of art, nothing compares to the size, scope, and majesty of Wyland’s work around the world. We all share a special connection with our blue planet.

The Wyland Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world’s ocean, waterways, and marine life. 

Learn more!

Save Green Gables


bUneke Production visited Green Gables at Historic Riverview Village in Melbourne, Florida and fell in love with the home, history and the mission of the nonprofit that has taken on the challenge to raise funds to purchase the property from its current owners, and also created a documentary for the organization.

Learn more:

Recent Shows

What if you can't Afford a Second Opinion?


 January 23, 2020Cheri Livingston has been spearheading thesecondopinion, a San Francisco-based nonprofit providing free, comprehensive second opinions to adults diagnosed with new or recurring cancers since 2014.

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They Call her Gabby


 January 30, 2020 • When the founders of bUneke met her, we just called her "Gabby" and it  took months to discover her real name. All we knew was she made us laugh  and we had to have her on UnScripted!

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Is Mary Making a Smoothie?


February 6, 2020 •  Discover why Jennifer thinks Mary is making a smoothie on live radio as they discuss a Forgotten Enchantress, a basketball coach and The Clauses, and other things, including road trips and sleeping together.

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Fight Procrastination, Eventually


February 13, 2020 • When bUneke received a press release about Fight Procrastination Day,  we were swamped with getting the next  issue out, so the press release wasn't read until much later. Jeff Kreisler graciously agreed to join us, anyway!  

You Might be a Caregiver, if...


February 20, 2020 • Peter Rosenberger is the author of 7 Caregiver Landmines and How You Can Avoid Them. 

He's on social media. @hope4caregiver 

Volunteers on Steroids


February 27, 2019 • The members of the PEACECORE board of directors work, without  compensation, longer and harder than other volunteers and there must be a  reason behind all the time they donate, not to mention the money they  contribute toward making this organization sustainable!  

Upcoming Shows

Incorrigible Thundervoice


March 5, 2020 • Born Alfred Petonoquot, he adopted David Languedoc as his name, then was given the Spiritual name - Thundervoice.  But that's not all he's been called.

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Green Gables Pledge-A-Thon


March 12, 2020 • Call in to learn more about the historic Green Gables house and pledge a donation to help save this bridge to the past. Until 2004, this home was lived in by members of the same family - since 1896! Help us help them preserve this history.

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Elisa's back!


March 19, 2020 • Spiritual healer and medium, Elisa Kehler returns as our guest and co-host as she trains to take over one night each month on bUneke UnScripted. Be sure to call her with your questions! 516-418-5651 

Leading a Wild and Precious Life


March 26, 2020 • Susie Rheault has walked with lions in the bush and dodged bombs in Dar es Salaam.   As a Special Advisor for the Clinton Foundation Health Access Initiative, she and her husband aligned with  two Tanzanian educators  to create the Precious Project.

What's a TetraNoodle?


April 2, 2020 • Manuj Aggarwal runs the podcast, Bootstrapping your Dreams. Discover why that's important and how it can help you. 

Michael Taylor: New Culture of Manhood


April 9, 2020 • Coach Michael Taylor is an entrepreneur, author of seven books, motivational speaker and radio show host who works to empowering men and women to reach their full potentials. 

bUneke UnScripted Open Mic


April 16, 2020 • Call in tonight at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time! #516-418-5651

Dreaming the Marsh


April 23, 2020    

Elizabeth McCulloch was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lived in New England, the Midwest, Canada, and the South before putting down roots and finding her home in Gainesville, Florida, almost 40 years ago. Previously a lawyer, then a teacher, she has had children of various stripes. We'll learn what that means and discuss her first novel, Dreaming the Marsh.

Flying Solo!

Anything can happen when Elisa Kehler takes the helm! 
Call 516-418-5651 to talk with this spiritual

April 30, 2020 • Anything can happen when Elisa Kehler takes the helm! Call 516-418-5651 to talk with this spiritual healer. She's the real deal!

Elizabeth Fullington


May 2, 2020 • Details coming soon!

Nelson Mandela's Granddaughter on UnScripted?


May 14, 2020 • Nelson Mandela's granddaughter, South African writer, and activist,  Zoleka Mandela, has joined the global medical humanitarian organization,  Global Access to Cancer Care Foundation  and we'll talk with  Tonya Steiner, Executive Director of GACCF about what this means to the organization.



May 21, 2020 • 


Call in tonight at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time! 

Details coming soon


Popular Shows

Miracles, Inspiration and Motivation


Kelli Davis inspires others to believe in miracles. 

Forgotten Enchantress


Learn what Forgotten Enchantress is all about and how you can help make a difference in this piece of Americana. 

Issue 14 is now an Audio Option


Listen to Issue 14 on the go! Just click, sit back and hear the voices of bUneke.

Aliens & Mickey Mouse


Mary Ellen Popyk explains her connection to both and talks about upcoming events.



Power Couple Imari & Royce Ashcroft.

Click Photo to Listen

Penpals Work to End Pollution

Sheri Sather helps connect her son to worldwide change-makers.

Sheri Sather connects her son to global change-makers.

Wyland: Artist, Philanthropist


This creative conservationist is a gentle activist.

Award-winner Peter Tabichi


This Kenyan friar isn't easily intimidated when asking for his students.

What is Fusion Fest?


Thali Sugaisawa & Terry Olsen explain.

The Dog Lady of Mexico


What changed Alison Sawyer Current's plans for a quiet, island retirement?

The Medicine Hunter!


Chris Kilham talks about kambo,  ashwagandha, ayahuasca  and cocoa!

The Scientist and the Psychic


Can Sid Prince prove Elisa Kehler is a fraud?

Carrick Felix: NBA Star, Philanthropist


Read the story HERE. 

She Founded the Ashley DeRamus Foundation


Read her story 

Sounds of Autism


Read her complete story in issue 10!

Being UNapologetic


Read his amazing story in issue 3!

Open Mic Surprise Guest!


Sid Prince joins UnScripted

Exciting Guests, Great Topics

Sand Pines: History in a Shoe Box



Alton Williams is a philanthropist, author, historian and storyteller and a founder of the nonprofit Evergreen Cemetery, Inc.

Exorcist Angie Clark joins us.



Angie Clark,  a well-rounded psychic intuitive, healer, channel, spiritual guide, master teacher, and exorcist.  

Be Your own Tribe!



Elisa is a teacher and practitioner of the healing arts of self love, as well as the alchemist of supernatural spirituality

Mulligan = New Superhero


Kris Kiser talks about the TurfMutt Foundation and Mulligan, its spokesdog...and so much more!

b The Change Winners


bUneke Magazine honors 10 different charities in 2019.  Listen  to some of their stories and then, read all their stories! 

Do U have a Busy Kid?


He has SIX! He also created an app to help teach them about earning money, charity, investing and saving. Read how he did it and listen to the show!

Heidi Tobey: Holistic Healer


Heidi Tobey's first show was interrupted so we have it in two parts. Part 1   • . Part 2

Laura Beers: Medium, Coach


Heal your spirit with Laura Beers!

Choose your own Adventure


 Emily Murphy  is a healer, artist, teacher and entertainer.   

Author Craig Sroda


Why is this man quoting Confucius? 

Author, Teacher Doug White


 How do you heal a Wounded Charity? We'll discuss Doug's book and much more! 

Preserving History


Let's talk about Green Gables and why bUneke Magazine is working so hard to help restore it.

Upcoming Shows

Training to Take Over


May 28, 2020  

What can happen when our special co-host, Elisa Kehler attempts to take  over? We're grooming Lisa to take over the show! 

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Megan Prowse


June 4, 2020

Details coming soon.

Who is Rowdy Girl?


June 11

  Renee King-Sonnen said veganism and the animal rights movement changed her at her core. It made her question herself and draw different conclusions about life. Veganism caused her to widen her circle of compassion to include all animals—human and nonhuman. She now fights for justice for animals of all species and people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations.

Learn more! 



June 25

Encore Guest!


July 2, 2020

 Details coming soon. 

Chris Hunter


July 9, 2020

Podcasting veteran

bUneke UnScripted Open Mic


July 16, 2020

Call in tonight at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time! #516-418-5651

Angie Williams


July 23, 2020

Details coming soon!

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July 30, 2020

Open for Guest


August 6, 2020

Could Be YOU!

Open Mic Night


August 13, 2020

Call in tonight at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time! #516-418-5651

Tonia Tewell


August 20, 2020 

Details coming soon. 

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