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Coffee, Tea & Comedy


Meet author, spoken-word artist, poet, director, model and comedian Caramel Lucas! Don't miss this awesome show! Learn what inspires her! Listen to her amazing work: 'Don't Be Afraid'. 

Coffee, Tea & Minimalism


The season 2 crew, Imari, McKenzie, Tricia and Royce, with a special appearance by Anna from Tokyo, Japan. They weigh in on how they feel about conscious minimalism. How do U feel about it? Do U practice it? Don't miss this awesome show! Stay for the credits to see what shenanigans Tricia and McKenzie are up to!

Coffee, Tea & Just Me


Listen in as Chantel, McKenzie, Tricia and Royce discuss the topic of the day, "How can just one person make a difference?"  Are U making a difference? Don't miss this awesome show! Stay for the credits to see Tricia do her impression of melted butter!  Talk live with the cast and crew every Monday night! Join in on the fun! 

Coffee, Tea & Play


Listen in as Chantel, Imari, Jonathan and Royce discuss the topic of the day, "The Power of Play." In this serious, get-ahead world, do U take enough time for fun? Don't miss this awesome show! Sponsors, where are U? Let's continue this project! Where else can we hear Royce doing his Spongbob impression? 

Coffee, Tea & Joe Rock!


Check out The Coffee or Tea Show cohosts, Imari, McKenzie and Chloe, who had the pleasure to sit at the table with special guest and DJ from WMMO Radio, the one, the only Joe Rock, from Rock on Rock! Anna, all the way from Tokyo, provides a great topic of self love to the discussion. Now, sit back, and listen in for the next few minutes to see how U can benefit from self love too!

Coffee, Tea & Hollywood


The Coffee or Tea Show cohosts talk with film maker Donnie Crawford who would rather be behind the camera than in the spotlight. Take a few minutes to discover the inspirational reason he came to the yellow table to talk with the Coffee or Tea cast. 

Coffee, Tea & Authenticity


The Coffee or Tea Show cohosts talk about authenticity and what it means to each of them. Special guest from Tokyo, Japan. Anna calls in with her own thoughts on the subject. Join us as we hear the millennial POV on this subject that affects people of all ages.

Coffee, Tea & Deductibles


This Coffee or Tea Show is a rare tea episode. Join us as the cohosts talk about health, healthcare, insurance and deductibles. Listen to the millennial POV on this subject that affects people of all ages and get in on the discussion. What is your take on the subject?

Coffee, Tea & Magic


Magician Niels Sayers brought magic in a very personal and up-close way to our hosts. Watch their reactions as they open a can on camera. Why IS there a can on set? Find out about Niels’ gig with Murray Celebrity Magicians at the Tropicana in Las Vegas and learn what advice he has for budding magicians.

Coffee, Tea & Motivate Me


Ja’maal Eveillard and Zach Amato join Coffee or Tea Show co-hosts Anna and Imari for some drinks and conversation about changing the world.  Working with hungry, homeless and marginalized individuals in the USA and Haiti earned Ja’maal and MotivateMe the Movement one of 10 b The Change Awards in 2019.

Coffee, Tea & Energy


Coffee or Tea Show hosts Anna, Imari and Tyrel chat with Edd Edwards, a leader in the field of Bio Intrinsic Resonant Energy. In other words, the man knows how to play with his brain’s energy so much that instead of using less than 20% of his brain, as most people do, Edd uses 94% of his brain all the time. Visit his website:

Coffee, Tea & Intuition


Discover what our Millennial Panel has to say about intuition as they pull a random topic from their jar. Tyrel, McKenzie, Megan and Imari have much to say on the subject of following their guts, listening to intuition, how to do it and what happens when they fail to follow it.

Coffee, Tea & Uniqueness


In a world of everyone trying to be like someone else, what makes our Millennial Panel unique? What makes you unique? Who best to talk about this topic other than Royce, Chloe, Tim and Lauren? Listen in as they share stories unique to them. How do they compare to your life?  

Coffee, Tea & Dreams


Join the Coffee or Tea Show co-hosts as they select a topic from The Jar and dig into it from several angles. Learn how each member on the cast has a different style for making dreams come true and discover why Imari is so keen to have everyone read Issue 10 of bUneke Magazine. Bonus - did you see Tyrel goblet? 

Coffee, Tea & Superman


Join the co-hosts of Coffee or Tea? No Phones Allowed as they discuss an important article written by Michelle Schaefer for bUneke Magazine. Anna weighs in from Tokyo and kicks off the conversation about Toxic Masculinity and how what boys and men eat can help empower them.

Coffee, Tea & Sustainability


Are you a vegan because you want to help the planet or for other reasons? If you’re not a vegan, have you considered the impact your food choices are making on our home planet? Let’s discuss it in the comment section, but please, be kind if your choices differ from some of ours. As you can see, a meat-eater can get along very well with her vegan co-hosts. 

Coffee, Tea & Meditation


Discover how Jonathan, McKenzie, Imari and Royce react to Anna’s thoughts on meditation. The cast of Coffee or Tea? No Phones Allowed! receive a recorded message from Anna in Tokyo, Japan where she talks about how her meditation methods have changed as a result of practicing yoga every day. You can read more about the Japanese call Dozo acts in bUneke Magazine’s Issue 11.

Coffee, Tea & the Ocean


Join Tricia, McKenzie, Chantel and Royce as they snap their drinks into existence and pull a random topic from "The Jar." This week, they discuss ways anyone and everyone can protect the ocean.

Coffee, Tea & Volunteering


Jonathan, Chantel, Imari and Tricia gather around the yellow table for coffee, tea and a discussion prompted from the Topic Jar. All volunteers for the 501c3 educational organization PEACECORE, answer a simple question, why do you volunteer? Check out their answers.

Coffee, Tea & Animal Lovers


Join millennial hosts Hannah, Royce and Anna as they interview 20-year-old, inspirational veterinarian tech Kyra Charite over coffee, tea and delicious conversation.

Coffee, Tea & A Super Star


Tara Kasey is a full-time student and model but her passion is singing. Inspired by Sade, Ciara and Beyoncé, her R&B has a sprinkling of Pop flavor to keep it relevant to today’s audience. Tara recently released not only her first album, but her first music video on YouTube, which complements her album.

Coffee, Tea & Cabbage Patch Kid


Join our panelists as they pull a topic from the jar that leads to a deep conversation around a topic most people are all too familiar with – bullying. They agree that Royce’s familiar “talk about stuff” means the same as Anna’s “discussion about important topics and dig right into the topic.” Even though the subject can be unsettling, these millennials put a positive vibe on their twist of the topic.

Coffee, Tea & Compassion


Coffee or Tea Show Teaser for Episode 37! Before the panelists put their phones away, Anna shared a request for a topic discussion that came through on the webisode’s Instagram page @coffeeorteashow. A follower wanted to know, “How do you engage with the homeless population,” and this sparked a great discussion!

Coffee, Tea & Swookies


Deech Lynn is the creator of Swookies, her answer to sweet potato pie. Originally from Akron, Ohio, Deech uses fresh, organic ingredients to make cookies that come in a variety of flavors and can be custom ordered through Tyrel introduces Kyra and Michaela to his mother and the funny conversation takes off from there!

Coffee, Tea & Steppin'


When Tyrel, Imari and Royce sit down with Walter Lane and some goodies from Foxtail Coffee, everybody had an eye-opening experience. The millennials, more familiar with Rainforest Films’ Stomp the Yard than with Chicago Step talk with a retired military man who has made his life’s mission one of philanthropy and he literally puts his words to action. 

Coffee, Tea & Looking Good


Meet professional make-up artist, Eva Reed, who takes the conversation to a deeper level when she explains how make-up artists help talent to perform better when they know they look better, which in turn helps them feel good about themselves. Great insights!

Coffee, Tea & Vegan Dating


What do you think? Could you date someone who doesn’t eat the same things you do? If you’re an omnivore, could you ever date someone who only eats plant-based foods? If you’re a vegan, would you consider a relationship with someone doesn’t believe in your dietary ethos? Watch now!

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