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Seeking out Real Heroes.

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Seeking out Real Heroes.

Collaborate, Sponsor, Partner.

Seeking out Real Heroes.

Contact us today to nominate someone  who is making a difference in this world. 

 Have a great idea for a story? Tell us! We want to hear from U.


Collaborate, Sponsor, Partner.

Collaborate, Sponsor, Partner.

Collaborate, Sponsor, Partner.

 bUneke Magazine is a 100% volunteer-run 501c3 educational, charity organization.  

Your ad puts your brand in the hands of tens of thousands with  a direct link back to U!


Simple Ways be a bUneke hero


• FOLLOW bUneke Magazine's social media platforms (SUBSCRIBE on YouTube).  It’s easy! All links are found above! 

• SPEND  as little as 5 minutes per day promoting the magazine, video releases and events. Encourage your community to FOLLOW, LIKE, COMMENT, TAG and SHARE posts from all the different platforms. Be sure to use these hashtags: #buneke #bunekemagazine #coffeeorteashow 

• READ the website for more information.

Other ways you can help:

• TELL everyone you know about bUneke.

• OFFER a Facebook review. Remember, the more people who learn about bUneke Magazine, the more people we can help.

Thank U for donating your time to your charity. When we all work together, magic happens! 

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Volunteer Form

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It Takes a Team


TEAM bUneke

Thank U for being an awesome human and volunteering for Team bUneke! We are all Ambassadors of the bUneke brand.

We are looking for

Philanthropy-minded Educators,  Earth-conscious Activists, Compassionate people who practice kindness, humans who are learning, growing and Evolving, Charitable individuals who accept others, Optimistic humans who understand Responsibility and those who work Enthusiastically.

Volunteers are the Heart of this Organization

"Volunteers don't get paid. Not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless." ~ Sherry Anderson

Volunteer from Home

That's right! It doesn’t matter where you live. If you can email, text and Zoom, you can help us!

Please, review the list to discover how your talents will help this organization grow! If you would like to help in ways that aren’t listed, email to discuss your ideas. This list is just the beginning.  We have something for everyone.

TEAM bUneke  

Magazine Production Team 

• Writers 

• Editors

• Product Reviewers 

• Graphic Designers  

• Illustrators 

• Photographers 

• Promoters 

• Researchers

• Editorial Assistants

• Social Media Experts

• Editorial planners  

• Connections to the printing industry

• Distribution list creators

• Distribution list maintainers

• Distribution drivers

• Magazine mailers

• Handwriting a personal message for each magazine

• Maintaining necessary postage for mailing

Sales Team 

• Sales Representatives 

• Account Executives  

• Researchers

• Sales Assistants

• Social Media Experts  

• Marketing specialists

Social Media Team 

• Strategic campaign planners 

• Graphic Designers 

• Writers

• Editors 

• Photographers 

• Social Media promoters

• Social Media monitors  

Website Team 

• Web Designers 

• IT specialists

• Coders 

• Writers  

• Editors 

• Strategic internet promoters 

• Photographers 

• Social Media promoters 

• Marketing specialists


Video Production Team

• Producers 

• On camera talent 

• Casting 

• Crew (DP, Lighting, Audio)

• Location scouts

• Production Assistants

• Schedulers

• Set Designers

• Makeup artists

• Video Editors

• Script/Concept Writers

• Wardrobe/Costumers

• Photographers

• Social promoters

• Marketers

Operations Team 

• Accountants

• Bookkeepers

• Assistants 

• Grant writers 


• Database Managers

• Statisticians

• Thank U card writers/mailers Researchers  

• Team member organizers

• Press Release Writers

• Connections to mainstream media 

• Annual Updaters for GuideStar and similar sites

• Monthly reviewers  to help us determine where bUneke/PEACECORE appear online

• Update/create necessary documents and reports

Special Events Team 

• Planners

• Organizers 

• Volunteers 

• Promoters 

• Photographers

• Brand Ambassadors

• On -camera talent

Training Team

• Team Trainers

• Coordinators

• Venue scouts

Fundraising Team

• Strategic planners

• Fundraising event coordinators

• Volunteers

• Donor retention experts

• Sponsorship salespersons

• Giving Tuesday committee members

• Giving Tuesday video team

• Writers

• Photographers

• Social and other media promoters

• Letter writers

Volunteers are Essential

We need your assistance. We are willing to train, so if you've always wanted to see what it's like to do something, sign up today! We'll help you see if that position is right for you. Volunteering often grooms people for paid positions later. Volunteer today!

From the Prez


Welcome to PEACECORE, INC.

U are the backbone of our organization. Thank U for your support and encouragement. Every post U like, make and share for bUneke promotes the movement. Every event U attend in your b U shirt helps spread our message. If U volunteer even one minute, it can change a life. U are a difference maker and we are so grateful to have U in our world.

I'll announce breaking news

Please look below for updates about your charity, bUneke.

We Are All Ambassadors



Our biggest hurdle to conquer  is gaining followers so advertisers and large sponsors notice us. Help us  so we can help more people!

FOLLOW all the platforms, SHARE POSTS to your pages, LIKE posts and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube. Be sure to add your COMMENTS. With 100% TEAM participation, just a few minutes each day we will continue to grow!

Thank U for being a part of our movement.

How U Can Help bUneke Magazine:

• LIST yourself as a bUneke Ambassador or bUneke Volunteer in your social media profile and email signature. If U perform in a specialized  role, shout it out to the world!

• FOLLOW ALL bUneke social media platforms (SUBSCRIBE on YouTube). We can’t tag U if U aren’t following us. We can’t get advertisers until our followers are in the thousands on all platforms. It’s easy! All links are found on the website!

• SPEND 5 minutes per day on social media promoting the magazine, video releases and events. Encourage your community to FOLLOW us as well. LIKE, COMMENT, TAG and SHARE posts from all the different platforms. Be sure to use at least these hashtags: #buneke #bunekemagazine #coffeeorteashow 

• CHECK this page daily for announcements and communication! This is for U- please use it! 

• READ through this entire website. This should only take a few minutes. Be familiar with it so U can refer to it in your posts and conversations. 

• SHOW your excitement and pride in the organization U represent!

• PURCHASE a T-shirt, bracelet or gift card to support your charity. Be sure U sign up for PEACECORE on Amazon Smile before you shop online there.

• RESPOND ASAP when a TEAM Leader contacts U. 

• RETURN your Photo Release - Social Media Sharing form with all your social media handles so we can TAG U when your article is published or your show is released.

• EMAIL at the end of every month with how many hours U volunteer for PEACECORE, Inc./bUneke Magazine. This will help us with our grant applications.

Other ways U can help:

• TELL everyone U know about bUneke.

• REPRESENT in person, at community events.


• WRITE a Facebook review (This is super important)

• SHARE if U are available for last-minute calls for concerts, sporting events and festivals.

Remember, the more people who learn about bUneke Magazine, the more social media followers we can attract. 

*****Sponsors pay close attention to social media followings, ratings and reviews. We're gaining attention and receiving products to review. With your help, we'll soon be able to compensate U for your gas, if not your time.******

U are a pioneer! Thank U for donating your time to your charity, bUneke Magazine, presented by PEACECORE, Inc. When we all work together, magic happens! 

Coffee or Tea? Webseries

Share! Share! Share! The more eyes that see it, the more likely this show will get picked up! Connect with the dedicated links below.


Share! Share! Share! Whether in person or on social media - let people know about this awesome publication! Be sure to read it  - so U know the stories. Get to know the amazing people in our world.

On-camera Personality or Behind the Scenes

Let your personality shine! We always need talent for on-camera interviews. See calendar for upcoming dates. Contact for extra info!

Would U like to work behind the scenes on a video shoot? We will train, if U are seeking experience. 

Our Professional Production Team is Standing By

From graphic design to video production, our professional team is ready and available to help design a package to get your client’s message to their customers.