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For the price of two coffees

$10 pays for two months of email service

For the price of dinner out

$30 allows our team business cards printed on sustainable paper

Continued free issues for all

$50 will provide two months payment to two distribution sites for the magazines so more can read for free!

Spreading the love

$100 for the cost of the average booth space at events where we find the best stories

Getting copies to those w/o internet

$175 pays for 100 copies of the publication, (but not on sustainable paper)

Postage and handling

$250 for the permit that allows us to use bulk mail services and save money

A HUGE help

$250 for the indicia so we don’t have to pay another service to mail for us

Our wish to print responsibly

$555 to print 300 copies of our publication conscientiously on recycled paper

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bUneke Thank U gifts

Philathropist under $10

Personal Thank U from PEACECORE President &  Tax-deductable receipt.

Educator $11 - $25

Philanthropist + Shout Out on Social Media.

Activist $26 - $50

Educator + Your name in special section of the magazine.

Compassionate $51 - $100

Activist + Special handmade bUneke gift.

Evolutionary $101 - $200

Compassionate + 1/4 page, full-color display ad in bUneke Magazine for one month.

Charitable $501 - $1,000

Evolutionary + bUneke shirt, tree planted in your honor in National Forest & honorarium.

Optimistic & Authentic $1,001+

Charitable + Upgrade to 1/2 page display Ad in bUneke Magazine, 2 Trees planted in your honor, w/personalized commemorative card, Utensils (made from sustainable materials) and Stainless Steel Straw. $2000+ also includes: upgrade to a full page display AD, bUneke reusable Tote bag and Feature article about you, your organization or charity of choice in bUneke Magazine.

Responsible & Inspired $2,501+

Optimistic & Authentic +  An additional tree planted in your honor and a BPA-Free drinking glass. $3500+ also includes: Upgrade to Inside cover display Ad in bUneke Magazine. $4500+ also includes: Ad to run for 3 consecutive issues in bUneke Magazine. 

Enthusiastic & Enlightened $5,001+

Responsible & Inspired + Upgrade to Back Cover in bUneke Magazine  for 3 consecutive issues and Custom Bomber Jacket. $7500+ also includes: Upgrade to 6 months back cover. $10,000+ includes: upgrade to cover and feature story in bUneke Magazine, plus added benefits.