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bUneke GIVE Guests!


Episode 03 of the GIVE Podcast brings you Mary Brotherton and Jennifer East of They inspire world changers and spotlight those people who make a difference on a micro or macro level. Listen here or on your favorite podcast streaming service:

Viewpoint with Seeta & Friends


What do you get when you invite Mary, Jennifer and Tyrel, from bUneke Magazine, to a talk radio show? Why, action packed fun and information! We want to thank Seeta and Ellen from Seeta Media, for inviting bUneke Magazine to come share and to Sue and Marion from Green Gables for sharing the air waves with us. It's a great show - listen in now!

Florida Today


bUneke is in the news helping Green Gables with an impactful project.

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bUneke Interviews

Learn more about the amazing things EcoJoia is doing to help many nonprofit organizations with fundraising and awareness efforts. Many thanks to Carrie and Tim for their time explaining to our 501c3 media why they do what they do! Please visit and support EcoJoia and the many organizations they help at and keep reading at!

501c3 nonprofit bUneke Magazine and our ambassador, Jennie, met up with the awesome on-air personality, Joe Rock, from 98.9 WMMO Orlando.  

Thank U, Joe Rock, Jennie and 98.9 WMMO Orlando!


Check out 

@989wmmo, @JoeRockwmmo and @JoeRock to follow Joe on social media and to enjoy his great show, Rock on Rock.

Get in on the action! Meet bUneke's ambassador, Issa Peters, as she interviews some of the Lady Suns players and the coaches of the newly formed woman's basketball team at Johnson University!

While you're on the bUneke channel, check out our other great interviews and videos! 


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The 2019 b The Change Awards was produced by P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E./bUneke Magazine and La Bella Spa of Merritt Island, Florida to honor 10 charities from 2 countries that help untold numbers of people.  This was an amazing, inaugural event!


Ashley DeRamus, the founder of Ashley by Design and the Ashley DeRamus Foundation, helps women of all ages, body types and abilities feel beautiful and fulfill their dreams. Ashley is the first fashion designer with Down Syndrome at Orlando Fashion Week at KDS One Studios. She lives by the motto: Don’t tell me what I can’t do. Let me show you what I can do. 
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Go behind the scenes and learn about the cast and crew of "Sister Act."

Cami Miller takes us on a journey of Osceola Arts and the lives of these fascinating people! Enjoy the actual curtain call!  

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Crystalize Your Holidays


Your Crystal Shop, on Merritt Island, Florida sponsors an exciting event, Crystalize Your Holidays, featuring talented, high-quality vendors with  beautiful jewelry, handcrafted gifts, clothing, skincare, spiritual healers, food and many more options! 

Click here for Video

Woman of Worth Conference


bUneke Magazine was thrilled to meet amazing women of worship recently, at the 'Sister to Sister, Women of Worth Conference 2019,' Orlando, Florida. This event is offered free to the public and is an annual event. 

Plan now to attend the 2020 conference. If you are a vendor or an attendee, please visit and and message: for more information and to be alerted for the next conference.

Sister Act at Osceola


Go behind the scenes and learn about the cast and crew of "Sister Act."  Cami Miller takes us on a journey of the Osceola Arts Theater and into the lives of these fascinating people! 

Enjoy an actual curtain call! 

Orlando Fashion Week


bUneke Magazine, a 501c3 nonprofit attended the 2019 Orlando Fashion Week at KDS One Studios as a member of the media for an evening of beauty and creativity. The models and entertainers did a great job, as did all the OFW official members and guests. 

A special highlight was Ashley DeRamus, the first fashion designer with Down Syndrom to show at OFW. 

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Earth Day at Lake Eola


Watch the videos! There are an assortment of great content from Earth Day! Learn from those who are out there making a difference. From bee rescuers to sea life rescuers and so much in-between! Watch ALL of the videos now!

3 Videos cover SAFF


bUneke Magazine attended the 9th Annual Saint Augustine Film Festival as 501c3 nonprofit media in the oldest city of the U.S.A., where an outstanding variety of independent and foreign films awaited. 

Learn from the CEO and filmmakers firsthand. Watch all of the videos!


Spirit Fest 2018 & 2019


bUneke Magazine attended the Spirit Fest 2018 & 2019 in Celebration, Florida. bUneke ambassadors, Cory (Cory Speaks Video Series) and Chloey were on the road with several video interviews. 

Meet Mary Ellen Popyk, owner and coordinator of Spirit Fest, Keith Anthony Blanchard, spiritual teacher, author and musician and Emily Murphy, transformative healer and artist. Both two-day events were exciting opportunities filled with  spiritual awareness and fun! 

Visit for information on the next event. 


Its A Wrap


bUneke Magazine attended the Eatonville Chamber of Commerce / Kinect NRG After Hours Event in Eatonville, Florida and met some wonderful women who wanted to learn how to do authentic African head wraps. 

See our photo collection on Facebook. Photos here. 

Check out dates for the next event: media nonprofit 501c3

Give Peace A Chance


bUneke Magazine attended the 2nd annual Solutionary Peace Walk & Festival as a 501c3 nonprofit media provider during the summer of 2018 in Orlando, Florida and met some wonderful folks who are really making a difference. 

Check out dates for the next event:

Space Coast Book Lovers


bUneke Magazine held its soft launch at #SCBL2018. All the #authors and #readers at the Space Coast Book Lovers event were phenomenally welcoming and friendly. media nonprofit 501c3

We couldn't have done it without the generous gift from Author Yvonne Mason! #AuthorYvonneMason #YouRockLady

Billy Gibbons Concert


Joe Rock (WMMO 98.9 Classic Hits Radio)  invited the 501c3 nonprofit media bUneke Ambassadors to attend the legendary Billy F. Gibbons concert at the @housebluesotown 

It was an amazing show! 💥💥 Billy and his band were on 🔥 fire!

Many thanks to Joe and his team at 98.9 WMMO!

Check YouTube for the follow up video (YouTube @bunekemagazine )

Be the Change Awards


Honoring volunteers. 

 bUneke Magazine, a 501c3 media platform teamed up with La Bella Spa in Merritt Island, Florida to invite more than 170 nonprofit organizations to nominate their star volunteers for global recognition at a free, gala event on March 28, 2019. 

Authors for Authors


Meet some fascinating folks who really know now to write. They have a full range of subject matter. Enjoy a multitude of videos featuring the authors at this event. Keep checking back for new additions.

16 Fascinating Videos


bUneke Magazine and Coffee or Tea On The Go Host, Tyrel Earnest interviewed many amazing humans at the 2019 Southeast Regional Film Festival. The guests, nominees and award-winners are all inspirational and motivational. Check them out now!

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What makes U Uneke?

Join our bUneke ambassadors as they ask others to share what makes them Uneke! Thank you bUneke ambassador, Sherley for representing bUneke Magazine at 2018 Orlando Megacon! media nonprofit 501c3

bUneke ambassador, Lauren asked the entire Allfred family what makes them Uneke, at Fiesta in the Park, Lake Eola, in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Their answers are wonderful! Check it out for yourself. Thank you all for being so awesome!