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 U send them. We review them! Each product is given a score based on specific criteria. Contact us today at for information on where to send your product(s) or places to review.

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What Our Readers Tell us


"Amazing work, once again! I took my time to read every word and watch every YouTube clip! It was all so worth it! Overall, this was a fantastic issue. It had variety, information, inspiration, and diversity in article content. I’ve told my sister-in-law who works in Whole Foods about bUneke and TerraCycle, to see if those two companies can work together, and I can’t wait to tell my pastor about bUneke and the Wear Gloves article! bUneke is so sharable, because each article reminds me of one of my friends! I’m also wanting to buy a copy of Being Unapologetic. Happily, every single YouTube link and website link worked perfectly and enhanced the stories so extremely well. Continue being amazing! This issue inspired me deeply!!!" - Megan M., FL, Performer, Artist

"Wow! Speechless. Only had a second to view but what I saw was AMAZING! Brilliant concept! Can't wait to delve in and read. How can I share on FB? I'll read it page to page, word for word. Simply put, OUTSTANDING!" - Allie H., FL, Personal chef, Educator

"Easy layout, quick links and all in order. It’s Awesome! I love it!  The content was strong and it’s true, you all do the hard stuff and find the best things and bring it right to your readers!" - Timothy Foxx, FL, Entertainment Manager

Thank you so much again for including Rescuing Leftover Cuisine in your amazing magazine! - Margarita, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

"This global magazine is shining light onto people who are truly making a difference in this world. The genuine and inspirational stories have shown me that no matter who you are, you can still make an impact. bUneke is also highlighting these organizations and getting the public inspired to either donate or volunteer to help others. It is amazing what we are able to accomplish when we come together to help others!" - Dakota Duchaine, Educator

"Making a difference, one human being at a time ♥ Reminding us it's ok to be who we are, and to have hope for a better world of peace and acceptance through ourselves, each other, and the examples we set forth for others." - Julie A., Author

"The format is so cool. I’ve never seen anything like it." - Stefanie Wilson, Mercy For Animals, West Hollywood, CA

"Congratulations on this milestone.  I think it looks good!  May your readership/ circulation increase exponentially." - Hank R., FL, Retired NASA Safety Engineer

"I especially liked the toilet paper article! Who Gives a Crap, bUneke Magazine, Issue 1" - Athena S., FL, Paralegal

"Very cool. Love the animations." - John W., FL, Retired Electrical Engineer

"Impressed by how beautiful the magazine looks and how easy the online version is to navigate. It is really attractive to read." - Dorothy Harris, Freelance Writer

"So incredibly excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with bUneke! I really enjoy your social media content - from your stories about conservation and sustainability to your profiles about incredibly unique people doing good things in the world. Thank you for being a positive light on my feed. I always look forward to your postings!" Allegra M, Artist - @thepetalpeddlersshop

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