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Our world is filled with amazing people, fascinating places and wonderful organizations that work toward building a peaceful and beautiful place to live. We all play a role that may seem small but can make an enormous impact. If U want to learn more about those who are making this world an even better place, click to read a copy (or request print). Your copy is always free! We are ready to show U how to become a change-maker too!  Thanks for visiting! Click to learn more about us!!

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Living Our Dream

We started with forward-thinking professional artists, writers, editors, designers, photographers, performers and managers with a philanthropic view to changing the world. In our first three months, we had grown to 50+ volunteers, from 11 countries and our rapid growth continues. We have decades of publishing, marketing and PR experience as well as a genuine desire to improve the world and the lives of its citizens. We admire the creative genius in each other and our success is tied to our individual and shared purposes.

bUneke Magazine is an educational tool of P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E. Inc., a nonprofit organization created to teach readers about the many amazing people and charities in our world. Many companies that are not charities, have a philanthropic aspect and believe in the value of giving back, paying forward and doing the right things while conducting business. bUneke Magazine shines a spotlight on those companies, individuals or initiatives, so readers can explore options for their own giving. Every donation can be a tax-deductible contribution! Win-Win!

Each month bUneke Magazine delivers a relatable, easy to understand, insightful, motivational publication packed with engaging content for all ages! We are living our dream, offering bUneke Magazine, at no cost, to anyone, anywhere. If U don't have easy access to a digital device, please contact us. Especially if U are interested in bettering yourself and being a positive change for our world, we want to hear from U! Why not show off all the good that's happening in the world? When U need a pick-me-up, we are here, 24/7, and at no-cost to U, our fellow bUnekers!

It is our goal to also offer no-cost training opportunities and scholarships to help others live their dreams! 

Check back often for the exciting details on these amazing programs! Don't miss a single issue!

b the change premiere event



Congratulations to all the winners!

The 2019 b The Change Awards

The 2019 b The Change Awards was produced by P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E./bUneke Magazine and La Bella Spa of Merritt Island, Florida to honor 10 charities that represent the 10 categories selected for 2019. More than 170 Brevard County charities were invited to nominate one volunteer and the nominations were also opened worldwide for an international category. The committee for the b The Change Awards chose winners who exemplified they know the value in putting words and ideas into action to promote changes in the world.

Winners of the 2019 b The Change Awards took home a beautifully-framed certificate to commemorate their accomplishment, courtesy of La Bella Spa. They also took home gifts valued at more than $2,400, donated by three dozen generous, forward-thinking sponsors who have aligned with bUneke Magazine’s mission to work today to change tomorrow.

La Bella Spa provided a beautiful venue, called The Hideaway, as well as staff who volunteered to remain after-hours to assist in a variety of functions. bUneke volunteers came from Orlando, Port St. Lucie, Melbourne and Merritt Island in Florida.

La Bella Spa has been in the same location in Merritt Island, since 1979 and offers a full spectrum of spa and salon services. Joe Mandato, who calls himself, “the grumpy man who runs the spa,” is anything but cantankerous. The spa’s motto is, “Where life is beautiful,” and Joe made certain the setting for the 2019 b The Change Awards was the perfect balance of celebration, tranquility and indulgence. It was the picture-perfect place for the inaugural event to honor this year’s award winners.

April Issue of bUneke Magazine

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April Issue

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