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Our 'Why'

Why are we 100% committed to being associated with this 100% volunteer-run organization? Because we've created the tribe we've searched our whole lives for. We know that we must join other like-minded humans to create change in our world.

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About Us

Living Our Dream

More forward-thinking professionals are joining bUneke Magazine every day!

We have a genuine desire to improve the world and the lives of its citizens. 

We admire the creative genius in each other and our success is tied to our individual and shared purposes.

bUneke Magazine is an educational tool of P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E. Inc., a nonprofit organization created to teach readers about the many amazing people and charities in our world. 

bUneke Magazine shines a spotlight on those companies, individuals or initiatives, so readers can explore options for their own giving. 

bUneke Magazine delivers a relatable, easy to understand, insightful, motivational publication packed with engaging content for all ages!

 We offer bUneke Magazine, at no cost to our readers. 

If U want to  better yourself and being a positive change in our world, we want to hear from U!

Our goal to offer no-cost training opportunities and scholarships to help others live their dreams! 

Check back often for the exciting details on these amazing programs! Don't miss a single issue!


Congratulations to all the winners!

The 2019 b The Change Awards

The 2019 b The Change Awards was produced by P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E./bUneke Magazine and La Bella Spa of Merritt Island, Florida to honor 10 charities from two countries. More than 170  charities were invited to nominate one volunteer and the nominations were also opened for an international category. The committee for the b The Change Awards chose winners who exemplified they know the value in putting words and ideas into action to promote changes in the world.

Winners of the 2019 b The Change Awards took home a beautifully-framed certificate to commemorate their accomplishment, courtesy of La Bella Spa. They also took home gifts valued at more than $2,400, donated by three dozen generous,  sponsors who have aligned with bUneke Magazine’s mission to work today to change tomorrow.

La Bella Spa provided a beautiful venue, called The Hideaway, as well as staff who volunteered to remain after-hours to assist in a variety of functions. bUneke volunteers came from Orlando, Port St. Lucie, Melbourne and Merritt Island in Florida.

April Issue of bUneke Magazine

Read the April Issue of bUneke Magazine for all the details!

April Issue

Board of Directors

Mary Brotherton


  Mary Brotherton scouts for phenomenal stories, interviews amazing humans and mentors writers and editors when she’s not working on her own novels, short stories and scripts. The editor-in-chief at bUneke Magazine is also the president of the nonprofit PEACECORE and manages the bUneke UnScripted podcast. 

Donnie Crawford


 Donnie Crawford, B.S., M.S., is a professional Camera Operator and DP, with 10+ years in the entertainment industry. He has vast experience in film, reality television, news, commercial production, broadcast sports and audio/video. Currently, he operates cameras in Broadcast Sports and works as Director of Photography. Discover more. https://www.linkedin.com/in/donniecrawford/ 

Lynn Dilks


Lynn Dilks is a professional entertainer who created the Coffee or Tea Show concept and is the webisode’s executive producer, production manager and casting director. She also writes for bUneke Magazine.

Tyrel Earnest


 Tyrel Earnest, originally from Akron, Ohio, now calls Florida home, with a move and the goal of an L.A. lifestyle in his near-immediate future. As much at home in front of the camera as he is offscreen, Tyrel acts, writes and performs standup. He possesses a diverse set of skills. 

Jennifer East


  Jennifer East, PEACECORE’s creative director, creates and oversees all the organization’s visuals. From logos and merchandise to videos, magazine layout and all social media posts, she uses her own artistic skills, and also calls upon her four millennial children, to keep the face of the organization relevant and fresh. She has a passion to save our earth.

Eva Guy-Reed


  Eva Reed is a wife, mother student and renowned Hairstylist and Makeup Artist in the beauty and film industry who volunteered for the Obama Campaign and gives makeovers to women in homeless shelters. Joining P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E. was the result of Eva’s seeking awareness to a better quality of life.

Yvonne Mason


Yvonne Mason Sewell hosts “Off the Chain” on Blog Talk Radio. Shows begin at 9pm ET. Follow the show for updates on guests and dates. She is the award-winning author of 17 books, including three true crimes and is the National Photographer for the US JCI Senate. Learn more! bit.ly/YvonneMasonSewell.

Emily Richards Murphy


  Emily Murphy, healer, artist, teacher and entertainer helps her clients experience healing through transformative energy and body work, intuitive coaching, and creative arts. Her physical practice is in Orlando, Florida, but she has been booked to speak, entertain and inspire all over the U.S.A. Connect with her @EmilyMurphyCreative and EmilyMurphyCreative.com.

Franklin Prather


Franklin Prather enjoys learning from others and teaching. He is an experienced Production Designer, Location Manager/Scout, Videographer, photographer, Video Editor and Producer who recognizes that hard work can fine-tune an individual. He draws inspiration from helping and motivating others and this helps spark his creativity.

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